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manager of a branch office of a bank

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Umbarkar with his supporters went there to inquire about the scheme but the bank manager didn't allow him and refused to give any details regarding the status of the money deposited by the people in the bank.
They alleged that bank manager and his staff were threatening them of dire consequences.
Looking at the deposit slip, the bank manager advised him to get a pay order made in the KMC's name instead of depositing cash.
He said the bank manager Rizwan Ali in his written application told the police that unknown robbers mugged cash and gold from the bank by breaking locks and lockers.
Biz Replies You will need a well researched business plan that will show your bank manager that you are a good bet to lend cash to.
The Public Prosecution found that the bank manager sent an e-mail to the bank's central operations department requesting it to link 'his' mobile number to the account concerned.
A BLACK Country bank manager was among a gang jailed for almost 90 years after stealing PS8 million in a sophisticated tax fraud.
When I retired, my bank manager advised me always to make sure at the end of each financial year I had enough in my savings to pay the following year's commitments.
Curved walls have been knocked down, tiled floors replaced and a realisticlooking cashpoint installed in the entrance, opposite a smiling photo of the bank manager.
A high-profile bank manager has appeared in court this week in an attempt to overturn a fraud conviction.
WHEN bank manager Jonathan Coleman left Barclays in 1988, he was blinded by one burning ambition...
The husband of Everytime We Touch singer NATALIE HORLER, of dance group CASCADA, has ditched his high flying modelling career to be a bank manager in Germany, where she lives.
SMALL business groups are calling for the return of the traditional bank manager to help get lending to the sector moving again.
A MAN ended up before a special weekend court - after he had a row with his bank manager.