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the maximum credit that a customer is allowed

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In acquiring the Formative Assessment Item Bank line of business, Certica will continue to support and expand this distribution model and will offer the Item Bank and Certica's assessment platform, TestWiz, only through distributors and not directly to end-user customers in the K-12 sector.
Another thing to look at with the bank line of credit (and other borrowings as well) is the interest rate on the debt.
Avtron's portable load bank line goes from 10 kW to 650 kW, while its permanently mounted units span a range up to 6mW.
In 1986, he signed an agreement with a friend who guaranteed payment on the bank line of credit; Don agreed to pay the friend a fee for each period the guaranty was outstanding.
The company will use its unsecured bank line of credit to fund the retirement.
The $25 million above the bank line and Maclean's investment came from BCI's cash flow.
He thinks shareholders will be left with a run rate on earnings and cash flow that is "well below an expectation that remains too optimistic." GE stock was never priced for a liquidity situation, and while drawing down bank lines and making moves to bring cash suggest there is an eye toward liquidity, this remains more about what is left when the dust settles as the company drives towards a more sustainable capital structure, says Tusa.
Global Banking News-November 14, 2017--Beneficial State Bank lines up new president for appointment after merger
The downgrade reflects Fitch's view that, based on its reading of newly proposed legislation, a debt restructuring or default by the Authority is probable in light of the legislation, and given the near-term liquidity demands brought on by maturing bank lines of credit and the requiredrepayment of outstanding loans due in July and August 2014.
"We have practically zero availment of our bank lines and given the continuing liquidity, the bank lines will cost much less," the source said." Anyway, we have a very strong cash position and we have a very substantial unutilized bank lines."