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a security guard at a bank

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As they were shifting the arms, they saw a bank guard, who was holding gun.
A bank guard allegedly told her she would have to be escorted to and from the teller unless she agreed to remove her headscarf.
The robbers opened fire on bank guard Abdul Ghafar and cashier Abdul Hamid, killing them instantly.
BEIJING, June 2 -- A bank guard angry over a legal ruling in his divorce opened fire in a China court building Tuesday, shooting three judges dead and wounding three others before killing himself, the local government said.
One of those characters, who only showed up from time to time, was the old bank guard. Dressed in a suit, he sat in the corner of the local bank taking a nap.
Among the supporting cast, Rufus is a standout as a bank guard a little too caught up in the history of the French Revolution, and Constance Dolle excels as a carefree salutary influence.
Politicians, responsive to tradition and popular opinion, can define any act, from teaching slaves to read to the cold-blooded murder of a bank guard, as a crime whose control belongs in the province of the criminal justice system.
A JILTED bank guard was sent to prison yesterday for launching a text message terror campaign against his former lover.
A BANK guard in Istanbul robbed his own cashiers and handed out pounds 17,500 to passers-by because he was angry at plans to close the bank and end his job.
They call him "the world's most famous bank guard": Christoph Meili, the former night watchman at the Union Bank of Switzerland in Zurich who in 1997 rescued from the shredder documents that described the property seized from Holocaust victims-records Swiss banks had denied they had.
But the name of the 30-year-old former Swiss bank guard is already being entered into the ranks of the righteous gentiles -- those persons who have taken risks to help Jews.
During the robbery, the subject shot and wounded a bank guard. As the agents drive into the neighborhood where they believe the subject previously resided, they observe a man matching the subject's description walking down the sidewalk.
robber if you were a bank guard? Inmate: When I rob a bank, I go in three or four times
They said the bank guard deputed at the branch for last over six months executed the job with his two or more accomplices in the middle of the night when he first allowed them entry and then helped them break open the lockers of the branch located at B Market, Phase I, in DHA.
While the civilian, identified as Ashiq Hussain, sustained a bullet injury in his hand, the bank guard suffered a bullet injury to his leg.