bank failure

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the inability of a bank to meet its credit obligations

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We contribute to the financial literature on bank failure and complement the existing studies by showing that profit efficiency, our proxy for the quality of banks' managerial practices.
Summary: A rash of recent bank failures has put customers on edge but could shape a resilient long-term banking sector
These payments show that the system works, and we hope it gives confidence to consumers that if there is ever another bank failure that their savings will be protected.
And the first quarters of the past three years have been pretty good indicators of bank failures throughout the rest of the year.
Open bank resolution is one option for responding to a bank failure.
Likewise, Gunsel (2007) used the CAMEL rating system and logit analysis to measure the probability of bank failure for banks in North Cyprus.
In April, the FDIC closed 13 banks after three bank failures in March.
So our existing streambank models were actually missing key mechanisms in bank failure.
For purposes of this study, a bank failure occurs when a bank is forced by regulators either to close or to merge with another banking institution.
He teamed up with Oklahoma State University scientist Garey Fox to study how seepage--the lateral movement of water through the ground--could prompt conditions that led to bank failure.
When the state treasury deposits public funds in Oregon banks, it requires the banks to put up collateral for the funds, to make sure that the state gets its money back in the event of a bank failure.
The largest failure in the year was Washington Mutual Bank with assets of $307 billion, by far the largest bank failure in recent history.
The proposal to inflict the pain of a bank failure on its bondholders is one in a series of measures designed to cope with lenders in difficulty.
This article investigates characteristics of banks that failed and regional patterns in bank failure rates during 2007-10.
The biggest bank failure of the crisis was Washington Mutual, which had $307 billion in assets when it was seized in September 2008.