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an examination of the affairs and records of a bank by a state or federal bank examiner

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The courts recognize that the report of a bank examiners (80) is protected by a qualified privilege, known as a bank examination privilege.
The government should gather accurate information on underlying assets through rigorous bank examination and utilize it in designing restructuring options.
In addition, the Central Bank of Argentina (BCRA) completed plans for a specialized bank examination unit, announced in 2005, devoted specifically to money laundering and terrorism finance.
LBS uses the National Filing System, a national system specialized for bank filing, to file bank examination records.
Although intended to clarify what fines and penalties are non-deductible under Code section 162(f), the proposal goes much farther, potentially denying a deduction for "other amounts" such as costs associated with safety recalls, aircraft maintenance or updates, food safety or health department directives, or recommendations of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration or the Environmental Protection Agency; rate refunds by regulated entities; and bank examination fees.
He spent seven years at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, advancing to Deputy General Counsel and Counsel to the Chairman, helping to coordinate enforcement of the securities, banking and consumer protection laws, dealing with bank examination issues and playing a major role in resolving large bank failures.
Fukui wants the BOJ to exert a direct impact on the bad loan problem, possibly through its bank examination authority.
Possible regulatory outcomes are then studied under alternative assumptions about regulators' preferences regarding banking industry performance and the extent to which deposit insurance and bank examination are integrated activities financed under a consolidated budget constraint.
He later became head of the Shimonoseki branch and chief of the Bank Examination and Surveillance Department before heading the Nagoya branch in May 2000.
Blackburn, the chief accountant at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) says, "Anything gained during the examination process is subject to our own confidentiality requirements, and it is very, very difficult for anyone to obtain information that we've received during the course of a bank examination.
The bank examination process is the Federal Reserve's fact-finding arm in discharging its responsibilities (to safeguard depositors and prevent bank failures).
To do so, we examine a case study of the attempt by Congress and the Bush and Clinton administrations to influence bank examination practices during the so-called credit crunch of the early 1990s.
Although such information can be obtained in part from regulatory reports and public disclosures, a key source is the on-site bank examination.
Partnering to create what may be the first online training program in Zimbabwe, Convene International and Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS) agreed to develop a program for the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe that would help strengthen bank examination practices.
Bank examination of documents is limited to those stipulated in the credit.