bank draft

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a draft drawn by a bank against funds deposited in another bank

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Accordingly, the report will be issued whereas later the requisite analysis fee may be submitted through a bank draft against bills or vouchers from the PFSA.
"His driver meets the seller of the car, checks the car and hands over the bank draft.
Cleveland Police are warning traders to be extra vigilant when accepting bank drafts following a number of frauds involving high-value cars across the UK.
I also took advantage of the automatic bank draft, which made me eligible for an immediate interest-rate decrease.
A non-refundable Bank Draft of Rs 1,000 is also required to be annexed with the application, a news release said.
The applicants would have to enclose a bank draft or a cross-cheque of the prescribed amount.
Mr Neary added: "Everybody is happy until the seller goes to the bank the following morning where he hands over the bank draft and it's a forgery.
A bank draft of Rs40,000 for a National Assembly seat and Rs30,000 for a provincial assembly seat must be sent with the applications.
The bogus buyer had asked owner Ross Campbell to stop for lunch and a pint while he pretended to sort out a bank draft to buy the car.
Each application will have to enclose a bank draft or a cross-cheque of the prescribed amount duly made in respect of the Qaumi Watan Party.
According to a statement, PPPP candidates are required to send their applications to PPPP President Asif Ali Zardari along with a bank draft of Rs50,000 in the name of 'Pakistan People's Party Parliamentarians.' The applications should reach the PPPP Central Secretariat Islamabad by January 30.
Federal Government Educational Institution (FGEI) had advertised for 688 vacant posts of teaching and non-teaching staff and had sought application with bank draft from 18th of November 2012, for 688 vacant posts from 1 to 19 scales with Rs 100 rupees bank draft while for other vacant post Rs 50 rupees bank draft.
A COUPLE'S dreams of a happy retirement may have been ruined after a bank draft with their life savings was mislaid.
When the story broke in 2001 Fine Gael issued a bank draft covering the funds that ended up with Esat Digifone.