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a commissioner appointed to supervise banks

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"The big merchants like MasterCard and Visa are not willing to risk their international business model," said Chris Myklebust, state bank commissioner for Colorado, which in 2013 became the first state to legalize pot for recreational use.
Arkansas Bank commissioner, Candace Franks, has said in a testament to the Senate Banking Committee that there is a need to 'right-size' community bank regulations.
The bank commissioner also could suspend insurance at a bank that violated state banking regulations.
5), the state bank commissioner also felt it desirable to limit deposit insurance to only the original holder of a deposit, and not to any assignee.
"The question is how to grow," said Bank Commissioner Jerry Little, who added that "the longer interest rates remain low, the more damaging they become to profits.
"This was the result of poor quality loans and bad business decisions," State Bank Commissioner Candace Franks said in a prepared statement announcing the closing of Allied Bank.
The nine-member board acts in an advisory capacity to the Office of the State Bank Commissioner.
The Bank Commissioner of Maryland approved the acquisition of the Maryland bank on June 26, 1981.
Laverack (center) is pictured here with President and CEO of New Hampshire Bankers Association Christiana Thornton and New Hampshire Bank Commissioner Jerry Little.
He also will be the bank commissioner's chief legal adviser on all banking issues, including the drafting of legislation and Bank Department rules and regulations.
"There is no set formula," said Susannah Marshall, deputy bank commissioner. But it has to be commensurate with a loan portfolio's risk profile.
The laws were developed by a working group, headed by the deputy bank commissioner, that met for nearly a year and a half to review and revise existing laws.
That message was underscored by State Bank Commissioner Candace Franks --who became the first woman to head the Arkansas State Bank Department when she was appointed by Gov.