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That means either obtaining a wire transfer or bank check. Otherwise the creditor might find itself in the position of poor Endo Steel and face preference exposure where the creditor got a bad check, released goods and then received good funds within 90 days of the customer's bankruptcy.
With the changes, Reserve Bank check processing will be performed at 32 sites, down from 45.
The Central Bank of Brazil has issued new rules regarding bank check transactions by financial institutions.
A purported Tokai Bank check with a face value of hundreds of millions of yen was submitted by an unknown party to a bank other than Tokai in late September, the sources said.
This service is available only through the ACM European Service Center and is valid only for bank check and Eurocheque orders.
ScoreMore Deals allows consumers to receive cashback by redeeming offers using their Alliance Bank Check Card.
By opening a Brewers Checking account, fans can receive exclusive Miller Park benefits including a year-round 10% discount** at the Brewers Team Store by Majestic, access to the Associated Bank Check In Gate and 2-for-1 ticket offers for select games.
The Sandiganbayan noted that Gabo's receipt of the bank check and approval of the disbursement 'cannot establish conspiracy' to violate Section 3(b) of the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act.
To qualify, bidders will need identification and a $5,000 deposit in the form of a bank check. Bidder registration begins at 9:30 a.m.
When asked if the practice still continued, the TV host said the Northern Irish company Bank Check found 75 per cent of accounts had been overcharged.
Each customer sends the company $300, payable by credit card or bank check. In return, the company assigns account holders a password used to place bets, check account balances and review transactions.
The Vendor agreed to the sale only because McFadden would pay C.O.D., bank check required.
The balance of the purchase price was to be paid at closing in the form of cash, certified check or bank check.
The two Chinese nationals Shy and Sy were arrested in another condo unit, where the police said they were found keeping an unspecified amount of 'shabu' as well as bank check booklets, deposit slips, ledgers, record books, financial transaction receipts and other documents.