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a credit card issued by a bank

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Community payments (water, gas and electricity) via bank cards are available only to the public .
Made up of 11 individuals, this network hack international bank cards and proceeds to fraudulent purchases on the Internet, according to a statement issued Wednesday by the Interior Ministry.
Qilong and Shenzhen Qianhai Exce-card Technology have entered into an agreement, pursuant to which both parties will coordinate with banks to issue China Union Pay audio bank cards, the company said.
Whether the default pattern for bank cards stabilizes remains to be seen," he added.
Global Banking News-January 11, 2016--Banco Popular Dominicano selects Gemalto EMV bank card
Judge Watson said that Bentley's 13-year service as a postman meant he recognised envelopes containing bank cards and PIN numbers and decided to resolve his debt problem by stealing three bank cards and then watched over the next couple of days for the corresponding pin numbers.
The pair were sentenced at the crown court in Leamington after pleading guilty to conspiracy to steal bank cards.
Officers investigating the thefts believe the thief is watching the victim set the code then opening the locker while they are in the gym and stealing a bank card.
POLICE have issued anti-fraud advice to the public following a spate of calls about a bank card scam.
The trials have proved that the ID card can be used as bank cards at bank machines at point of sale terminals -- retail points where bank cards are used to purchase goods and services -- and for online payments, said Dr Ali Al Khoury, Director General of Emirates Identity Authority (Emirates ID) that issues ID cards.
Officials of the ministry said the number of retired individuals reached to 130,000 while 40,000 of them would be issued with bank cards.
BANK cards were stolen by burglars who forced their way into a house through its patio doors.
Gun buyback participants can turn in as many guns as they'd like, but they'll only receive the bank cards for the first three firearms.
Plenty of folk and in particular the elders have no desire to have/use bank cards and prefer to have cash on them to spend on their bills and shopping, living alongside the old adages of 'cash is king' and 'If you ain't got it you can't spend it'.
The scammers managed to get data off at least 24 bank cards, using the information in Latin America's Dominican Republic where they withdrew e1/416,000 on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, Andreou said.