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This section predominantly focusses on developments in New Zealand's primary short-term interest rate benchmark, the bank bill rate benchmark (also known as 'BKBM').
The bank was defending the case brought by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission in June for allegedly rigging the bank bill swap rate (BBSW).
RBS also reported to ASIC that it had found limited instances of communications discussing trading of Reference Bank Bills with reference to the setting of BBSW.
Charles Schwab Corporation (NYSE:SCHW), a provider of financial services and banking solutions for investors, announced on Friday that it has released Schwab Bank Bill Pay for iPad, iPhone and Android, a new Bill Pay feature that enables Schwab Bank clients to make, edit, monitor and cancel payments from their mobile and iPad devices.
ASIC alleged that NAB 'traded in a manner that was unconscionable and intended to create an artificial price for bank bills on 50 occasions between June 8, 2010 and December 24, 2012.
There is a risk that dividends will not be paid, or that the dividend rate will fall as a result of movements in the bank bill swap rate.
The changes announced above will take effect from the beginning of November, with the final TAF and Reserve Bank bill tenders scheduled for the week beginning of 26 October.
Under the bank bill transaction, ABC agrees to pay the bank bill holder a fixed interest rate.
People's Bank of China will place CNY45bn worth of central bank bills to Bank of China Limited (BOC) (601398.
The analysis discussed in this article uses bank bill rates for standard maturities, and interpolates those rates to obtain day-by-day term rates.
notes pay a floating rate of interest based on the 90-day bank bill swap rate on the 15th day of March, June, September, and December each year.
Some concentration risk to individual issuers is evident in the bank bill portfolio, which is minimized by the high credit quality and level of liquidity of these assets.
The interest rate applicable to the notes will be a discretionary floating rate based on a margin over the 30-day bank bill rate.
15, 2000, class A1 notes will receive a floating rate of interest based on the one-month bank bill rate and will not receive distributions of principal.
The charges are in addition to the transaction fees a consumer's own bank bills each month for using someone else's cash machines.