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a stringed instrument of the guitar family that has long neck and circular body

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One of Statman's first paid gigs came in 1965 at a country music bar on Long Island frequented by a similar clientele of Southern transplants; he played that night with banjoist Tony Trischka and guitarist Joel Diamond.
Advertising the attractions of "Levino's Museum of Varieties", it lists the star attractions for a week in November 1887, with acts including a "Gymnastic Artiste", the "Greatest Horizontal Bar Performers in the World", "Maxwell the Juggling Caution", "Orville Pitcher, Banjoist and Expounder of Logic", "Little Kittie Kennedy the Child Mimic" and a trio of "Comical Stilt Walkers".
Jazz Festival board members with banjoist Brian Mellor: John Patrick, Danny Longstaff, Derek Inman, Brian Mellor, Councillor Philip Parkin and Elaine Shoesmith Emma Cannings (Birmingham City Council), Jenny Chatham (Chatham Communications PR), Lydia Miller (Birmingham City Council), Danny Longstaff (Musicians Union) Jazzeoke Queen Becky Brine singing in the rain Derek Inman (Birmingham Community Foundation), Steve Wellings (Telford and Wrekin Council), Steve Dyson (Birmingham Mail), Councillor Martin Mullaney Zissman and Mark Davies (Hotel du Vin) Stephen Cresswell (City Inn), Jo Brain (Malmaison), Neil Rami (Marketing Birmingham), Yue Yang (Jazz Festival)
Contributors include Anna Lomax (daughter of folklorist Alan Lomax), the surviving relations of Twenties greats, plus three actual survivors of the era: guitarist Slim Bryant, banjoist Wade Mainer and Delta bluesman "Honeyboy" Edwards.
Backed by banjoist Don Stover, these three hillbillies created an entire musical community around themselves in the relative isolation of their childhood home.
Afterwards, Ben 'Doc" Kitchens, banjoist, is encouraged to sing some of his original lyrics to a tune that resembles Hank Williams' "Honkey-Tonking.
He was also well known as a singer and banjoist whose repertoire was rooted in the songs of his native land, many of which would have disappeared but for his pioneering work of recording and documenting them.
Catherine then married John Gaisey, a Ghanaian seaman and banjoist, with whom she had three more children.
Banjoist extraordinaire Abigail Washburn has an equally beguiling solo album, ``Song of the Traveling Daughter,'' where some of the songs are in Mandarin Chinese.
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Other evenings, you might hear banjoist Eddy Davis's New Orleans Jazz Band, Stanley's Washboard Kings, and other traditional combinations.
sipping cocktails and listening to a banjoist play "Dixie.
Compass Records, founded in 1995 by banjoist Alison Brown and bassist Garry West, pursues a unique musical and artistically diverse vision.
But much of what pianists Tink Baptiste or Walter Decou, banjoist Johnny Dave, and drummers Nolan Williams or Roy Evans play is at best uncertain and at worst inaudible.
Recently honored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences with a Governor's Award special Oscar, he is also a Grammy-winning, boundary-pushing bluegrass banjoist and songwriter.