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MRS Geary wasn't the first, or the last, customer to be injured sliding down the Union Rooms banister.
The court heard in November 2005 Thomas Leggett, a student, slid down the banister and fell backwards, landing on his shoulder.
In December 2006, Dean Lamb slid down the banister and hit his head on the marble floor, suffering a sore back and a bleeding head.
Six months after Mrs Geary's fall, in October 2007, Robert Walker started to slide down the banister and fell backwards.
The prosecution at Teesside Crown Court claim she caused fatal injuries to the two-year-old by repeatedly striking his head against stair banisters at her home in Millpool Close, Hartlepool on July 21 last year.
Det Sgt Kenneth Gettings said he had identified the banisters at the babysitter's house as a "possible impact site".
He said no further examinations were carried out on the banisters at Clare's home across the road on Troutpool Close, or at her parents' house on Somersby Close.
The jury heard from forensic scientist Neil Garton, who said it was possible the marks on the boy's head could have been caused by contact with sections of the banister at Holdsworth's house.
But Jeff Banister, the rookie manager of the Texas Rangers, wouldn't quit baseball.
Banister stayed home with flu-like symptoms and agonizing ankle pain that caused him to collapse.
"I was given an opportunity to lie in a hospital bed and think about all of the things I would do when I got out of the hospital," Banister, 51, says in a video on the Texas Rangers website.
And that's where Banister would face a terrifying new injury.
He wasn't originally penciled into the lineup tor the last game of the 1983 fall season, but New York Yankees scout Deacon Jones wanted to evaluate Banister, so his coach, Rod Soesbe, agreed to play him for five innings.
Banister smiled as he told Lockhart, "Doc, I will play in the big leagues."
Banister channeled Lockhart's dire prediction into a motivating force.