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Synonyms for banish

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Synonyms for banish

to force to leave a country or place by official decree

to rid one's mind of

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Synonyms for banish

expel from a community or group

ban from a place of residence, as for punishment

expel, as if by official decree

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DOUBLE: Graphite Storm and Banish. CASTLEGATE'S SELECTION: Chasanda (Chepstow 2.15).
The Kanukanta Gram Panchayat of Gummadidala Mandal in Sangareddy district passed the resolution to banish sexual predators and eve-teasers from the village on July 16.
He advised the team to banish all fears of losing from the mind as the mind could only process one thought at a time.
Acknowledging that "India may be the favourites", the former cricketer said the team should "banish all fear of losing".
The new Environment Secretary Roy Cimatu must protect the environment, but mining operations cannot be banished from the Philippines because there is a law that allow these, President Duterte said on Wednesday.
Using entertaining anecdotes and witty observations in this well-organized, easy to understand book, Joe Hammer uses practical—yet little-known—subconscious programming techniques the reader can use to forever banish fears, phobias, undesired habits and emotional reactions from their life.
The combination converts Boston Semi Equipment into the most comprehensive source for reconfigured back-end products and related services in the sector, Banish added.
38% would banish homosexuals from Bulgaria, and 20% would have no Roma, Africans, Asians and other minorities.
Summary: Berlin, June 07, 2010, SPA -- The airline industry sought to banish two years of misery with an abrupt turnaround in forecasts today, but a plunging euro, scared markets and a shock new German tax proposal deflated the celebration, according to Reuters.
Yes, it would be wonderful if some spectacular act of God or nature would banish AIDS from our existence.
``We need to encourage people to talk `out loud' about bowel cancer and banish any stigma so people are not embarrassed to come forward for screening or to talk to their doctor about this disease.
So many of our clergy, even the hierarchy, have adopted the practice of referring to our religious rites as "Eucharist." This is not only a misnomer, but an attempt to banish the word "Mass" from our language.
Our feature story explores the history of the super-sharp medium and provides an in-depth assessment of the Japanese government's plan to banish all analog broadcasts by 2011.