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East Indian tree that puts out aerial shoots that grow down into the soil forming additional trunks

a loose fitting jacket


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Banian Azar Novin Ideal is one of the most successful nano-textile producers in Iran.
"There was always respect between the Banian community and the Emiratis.
Nia, chief executive officer, Banian FZCO, said Serenia Residences is the latest premium development from Palma Development, whose vision and mission it is to introduce the ultimate lifestyle residential projects for Dubai.
Workers of Banian Refinery gathered at the company to stress full support to the presidential elections and the Army personnels' fight to uproot terrorism targeting the country.
Travelers will next drive to the Duong Lam ancient village, then start biking to explore the Red River Delta, with its village gates, banian trees, temples, communal houses, pagodas, and ancient homes that are more than 300-400 years old.
Andrew Doyle took a crashing fall at Fairyhouse on Wednesday, but was cleared to ride yesterday and will be on Lingstown winner Banian for brother Gordon in the open.
In the present study a scanning electron microscope was used to carry out detailed observations of the eggshell surface structures of two common Indian acridids: Hieroglyphus banian (Fabricius) and Acrida exaltata (Walker).
Last month, it was announced that an Iranian company, Banian Azar Novin Ideal Co., exported as many as 70 tons of nano-enhanced towels in 2018 to neighboring countries, including Georgia, Iraq, and Azerbaijan.
" According to the locals, there were six to eight men wearing kaccha and banian......
Hassan H Nia, CEO, Banian FZCO said, "We are extremely pleased with the progress of the development till date.
(Palma Development is a subsidiary of Palma Holding and Banian, an investment entity.
ISLAMABAD, April 24, 2009 (Balochistan Times) -- Executive District Officer (EDO) Education Batagram, Mohammad Saeed Khan on Friday formally inaugurated Girls Primary School Akhtarabad in Union Council Banian, NWFP.