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Synonyms for bangle

jewelry worn around the wrist for decoration

cheap showy jewelry or ornament on clothing

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'Without henna and bangles, my Eid seems incomplete,' she said, adding her main purpose of Peshawar's visit to decorate her hands with henna's experts as they knew about latest eye-catching designs and fashion trends.
PS119, KISSING CRYSTAL BANGLE: A dainty glittering design, the crystal adds a touch of delicate romance to any style or outfit.
Hyderabad, Pakistan's fourth largest city, is known for its handmade products but perhaps none define it better than bangles that glittering ornament that no South Asian festivity is complete without.
* Using fabric glue, apply one twill-tape length to the bangle interior to cover the fabric raw edges; secure with paper clips until dry.
He also educated the participants about the role of Trade Development Authority of Pakistan for the development of bangles and creation of linkages between foreign buyers and suppliers producers of Glass Bangles.
Haji Muhammad Saleem, President Glass Bangles Owners Association informed the participants of the seminar that 30 units of Glass Bangles are currently operating and around 300,000 labour including a big number of womens are associated with these bangles units for their respectful livelihood.
One such woman is 20-year-old Aliya who is seen at Paper Market opposite the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) building, selling green and white bangles for the Independence Day and rocking a cradle to quieten her 10-month-old baby.
He sought list of 41 industries in which minimum wages were fixed added to fix minimum wages for home based industry also where women work particularly bangle industry.
As CC grow, the have cut flesh and very, Herchy." "But, as CC grew and her head got bigger, it became clear that the brass bangle could no longer be removed."
For this project, we used colored bangles made of recycled plastic (from Crafts for a Cause at SM Kultura).
If automotive design is about passion, then Chris Bangle, who joined BMW in October, 1992, and now serves as head of design for the company, has turned up the heat higher than anyone in the industry, especially since his "flame surfacing" design theme appeared on the much-maligned E65/E66 7-Series in 2002.
Belmacz has a range of stunning designs including this cuff burr waxed oak bangle for pounds 480, above.
Spice up a simple black wrap dress with black and white geometric patterned scarf, earrings, leather bag, and large bangle bracelet.
One such case is that of Bibaji Bangles, a bangle maker whose creation came to the fore 150 years ago.
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