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firework consisting of a small explosive charge and fuse in a heavy paper casing

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Lloyd's love of banger racing was something he inherited from his dad, Ron.
David McDonald is to open a Grainger Market Geordie Banger Co
Enough new buyers are entering the market to soak up the extra volume and the banger market is actually in excellent health.
99 for 6, Morrisons Tester says: Classic and delicious - a really meaty banger.
99 for 6, Morrisons y Tester says: Classic and delicious - a really meaty banger.
Since the team's return to the Ricoh this season they have taken a battering, slipping into the relegation zone, but Banger is in their corner willing them on.
Make bangers week a smash hit MEAT lovers are being urged to support their local farmers and butchers by tucking into Welsh bangers during this week's annual British Sausage Week.
A new innovation this year is the Bangers and Beer event on Sunday.
To some it is sheer madness but ten brave banger car drivers attempted to fly over a line of ten old vehicles, at the annual Car Jumping Championship held at Angmering race track in West Sussex.
FRAUDSTER J Wilkes outside court yesterday FAST WORK Z Wilkes behind steering wheel NABBED J Film of him at track SPEEDYn He races banger
You always hope to win when you enter a competition, but for our entry to be crowned North East Legendary Banger is just fantastic.
London, May 27 (ANI): A British accountant bitten by the sausage bug is reportedly undergoing counselling after developing an unusual addiction to the bangers.
The future of the London Banger brand is in doubt after Tulip announced proposals to cease fresh sausage production at its Peckham factory.
Brand leader The Porkinson Banger will be replacing its traditional black and white packaging with a range of quirky, colourful designs and a new look logo, designed to give maximum visual impact in the sausage fixture.
Great Britain speedway hero Eddie Kennett has revealed the secret behind his World Cup success - banger racing.