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a metal pipe filled with explosive, used to detonate land mines or to clear a path through barbed wire

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"At 8pm the head of our party collided with the tape party who were just setting fire to the torpedoes (Bangalore Torpedoes were explosive charges in tubes used by combat engineers to clear obstacles such as barbed wire defences).
For this and other patrol work and the Bangalore Torpedo job, Freezer had a lot of twenty-eight days' Number Ones washed out.
Called APOBS, this new system does the work of a squad deploying three Bangalore torpedo kits weighing 450 pounds.
The current system, the Bangalore Torpedo, requires a soldier/marine to approach the leading edge of the obstacle, install the initiation system and initiate the charge in close proximity to the mined area.
It was the first and last Bangalore Torpedo that I ever saw come up the line.
CHAPTER XI THE BANGALORE TORPEDO AND A DECORATION CEREMONY WE were in the Cambrin trenches and a Bangalore Torpedo was sent up to the Battalion, which had to be taken out and attached to the German barbed wire.
By the end of his 13-month tour of duty he knew well what many things were, like Puff, M-60s, Huey, det cord, frag, Bangalore torpedoes, as well as the transformation he experienced.
Del's job was to drive the munitions truck packed with bangalore torpedoes, dynamite, TNT, and all explosive material to the guys positioned on the beach.
Small groups from the attacking force repeatedly assaulted the crest of the hill, each time being repulsed by "a shower of hand grenades, shape charges, bangalore torpedos and rocks."
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