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Synonyms for banefully

in a noxiously baneful way


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Years of intense and sophisticated propaganda instilled an anti-Semititic belief system different from the diverse but widespread anti-Semitic ideas preceding it in a banefully pliant public at large.
Have they ever thought how their silly antics are going down banefully, inflicting demoralisation in volumes on the soldiers laying down their lives and losing their limbs in fighting out terrorists and extremists bent upon destabilising this land and throwing its people into the black hole of an unimaginable horrifying mayhem?
They seemed unable to understand how the crucifix could signify something banefully different to some people than it signifies to them.
But there is a key missing link that would arguably keep afflicting his policy all through, banefully.
Prematurely going lyrical about something that is still to come into a shape could indeed turn out to be counter-productive banefully.