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Synonyms for baneful

Synonyms for baneful

exceedingly harmful

deadly or sinister


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If he is now exposed to the baneful influence of corrupting and wicked companions, what glory to deliver him from them
The unhappy man whose ravings are recorded above, was a melancholy instance of the baneful results of energies misdirected in early life, and excesses prolonged until their consequences could never be repaired.
Your inexperience of the world, Miss Tulliver, prevents you from anticipating fully the very unjust conceptions that will probably be formed concerning your conduct,--conceptions which will have a baneful effect, even in spite of known evidence to disprove them.
But in politics the notion of a social goal or destination is baneful.
But nonetheless it remains the case that, as a rule, techniques consist in setting in motion, by delicate manipulation, dangerous mystical forces; only the sacred and effective hand can take the risk of initiative; if the baneful hand actively intervenes it will only dry up the source of success and vitiate the work that is undertaken.
Yet more gallingly, the states have got involved in this baneful enterprise quite intensely and intensively.
The KCK is a specter that is far more baneful and terrifying than Ergenekon.
Fire is the most effective weapon against Baneful Queen Mytha.
The Root of Evil, Avarice, That damn'd ill-natured baneful Vice, Was Slave to Prodigality, That noble Sin; whilst Luxury Employed a Million of the Poor, And odious Pride a Million more: Envy itself, and Vanity, Were Ministers of Industry; Their darling Folly, Fickleness, In Dyet, Furniture, and Dress, That strange, ridic'lous Vice, was made The very Wheel that turn'd the Trade [.
Gilbert White, the pioneering 18th century English naturalist, wrote: "it is supposed that the shrew-mouse is of so baneful and deleterious a nature, that wherever it creeps over a beast, be it a horse, cow, or sheep, the suffering animal is afflicted with cruel anguish, and threatened with the loss of the use of the limb".
All of us who long have felt despair over the Iranian regime's baneful influence abroad and its ruthless oppression of its own people want to believe that the country is genuinely committed to positive change at home and in its foreign relations.
When she tries to explore Kabul on her own, she is followed by a baneful man in a car.
Just as most of them don't appear to be over-concerned about the 50mph speed limit through the roadworks on the baneful M6, charging past as I dutifully stay within limit.
Needless to say, criticizing the foreign policy team of the 11th Cabinet is the individual right of every Iranian and the media, especially the political scientists, not only should criticize this team, but their criticism should save the foreign policy team from sinking to the political abyss; doubtless, no such criticism should be assessed by any government as baneful to itself or the government should not avoid it.
The volume by Jeffrey and Maillet represents the philosophically turned reflections of serious Christian scholars of English literature on what they take to be the baneful direction of contemporary education.