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Synonyms for baneful

Synonyms for baneful

exceedingly harmful

deadly or sinister


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Others found it particularly baneful that the priest should have to face the people.
Hong urged the British side to seriously treat China's solemn stance, stop indulging and supporting anti-China "Tibet independence" forces and take immediate and effective measures to minimize the baneful impact, so as to safeguard the overall development of bilateral ties.
There is a gathering which should bring forth a program aimed to halt rate reductions ordered by State supervising officials on the basis of statistics which may not have accurate significance at this time and which ignore the baneful effect on producers.
Thus the baneful "naturalization" of the Jew, from Los Angeles to Tel Aviv.
In its depiction of childhood loss, mourning, and exile, Russell's novel performs a rheological analysis of viscous impermanence, exploring the theme of "a baneful and deadly temporality experienced in the form of punishment" (Durand, p.
The Arabs," he said, "persecuted us severely and passed baneful and discriminatory legislation against us .
Those interested in this baneful topic, however, would do well to read Reckless Endangerment.
the tense moments when the sailors row close enough to slam the 'cruel irons' deep into the whale's flesh; the resulting 'Nantucket sleigh ride' as the creature attempts to outrun the whaler's ropes; its baneful lancing, final 'flurries', and death--'His chimney is afire' the crew would shout triumphantly as blood gushed from the blowhole.
Along with the shift in content has come an even more baneful shift in pedagogy: away from teaching that seeks to promote questioning and individual responsibility toward force-feeding for good exam results.
Some present-day Republicans, apparently unable to control or modulate their individual and collective lust for power, are now mentally destabilizing citizens of this country further by their vitriolic and obstructionist rhetoric and their violently baneful and irresponsible acts.
But I can't put out of mind that a physician so impaired, whose notion of cancer metastasis may have been drug-induced, had such a baneful influence on surgical practice.
When, as Washington Irving put it, "Style made its baneful appearance," (26), Ballston transformed to a haunt for the upper class and aspirants to it.
The Sociedad Interamericana de Prensa (SIP) or Inter American Press Association (IAPA)--a business organization that includes media owners from Canada to Argentina, and which has played a baneful role in Latin American democratic history in the 20th century--took charge of spreading the annoying business lament, and throughout the region, the media began to utter words such as "censorship," "gag laws," "dictatorial laws," and "threats to press freedom.
Remember, my coreligionists, that on account of the vast number of our sins God has hurled us into the midst of these people, the Arabs, who have persecuted us severely , and passed baneful and discriminatory legislation against us.
His answer: "This point of view is not only baneful but also completely fallacious.