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Synonyms for bandy-legged

have legs that curve outward at the knees

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Yes, that's Bandy - and Eurosport is currently screening the Bandy World Championships, with Malcolm MacDonald nowhere to be seen (that's a bandy-legged gag for you younger readers).
Since she first appeared last year, Attraction's ungainly, bandy-legged stride has drawn as much comment as her undoubted abilities.
The way bandy-legged Leighton walks, it wouldn't be the toughest job in the world for Craig Brown to shove a copy of that book where the sun don't shine, but the Scotland boss should now forget about such trivial matters.
He said I'd be walking bandy-legged when I came back from our honeymoon.
Penate has moved on from his Mockney-accented, bandy-legged schtick to riffs on various styles from afrobeat to samba and calypso, creating a chilled Balearic vibe.
They would call me a bandy-legged so and so, the lot.
CHRISTMAS is still a few weeks away - except at The Hawthorns that is Bryan Robson sneaked down to The Hawthorns and opened his presents early to find some goalscoring strikers, an inform Japanese midfielder and a bandy-legged Nigerian magician, among a nicely-wrapped three points and one-carefully preserved clean sheet.
But the one thing they could rely on was if they backed the bandy-legged bay, they would be backing a winner.
His power salute was limper than a lettuce and his bandy-legged dancing looked like he was being electrocuted.
SuperMac was only 21 when he sauntered into town, bandy-legged with long sideburns and the cockiness of self-belief.
Why can't they just introduce a couple of bandy-legged schoolgirls into each team and play rounders instead?
Five-foot-nine, bandy-legged and pigeon-toed," was the unflattering description passed on to me.
He played a Welsh boy at his most basic - brash, itchy, ignorant, doe-eyed, drunk, silly, bandy-legged and beer-bellied.