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a data transmission rate

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Intersil's latest current feedback amplifiers include the EL5160 and EL5161, which feature 200 MHz bandwidths at -3dB and 1700 volt per microsecond (V/us) slew rates while operating from a mere 0.
The latest addition to Intersil's new high-speed operational amplifier portfolio, the Elantec(R) EL516X family includes 200 Megahertz (MHz), 500 MHz and 600 MHz bandwidth amplifiers.
a pioneer and leader in the intelligent optimization of rich content to any Internet device in the wired and wireless worlds, announced today its new product Bandwidth Adapt(TM), software that adapts video delivery to actual bandwidth availability -- over any network, wired or wireless, using any media player, to any device.
Bandwidth Adapt, derived from NewsTakes' deep patent portfolio, will be licensed to content companies, integrated operators, and streaming technology providers; in short, to anyone wishing to deliver video content to customers in an environment where bandwidth is variable or constrained.
Broadchoice's Development of General Bandwidth Site
The General Bandwidth site makes use of a sophisticated detection scheme that directs users to the appropriate version of the site based on their bandwidth, platform, browser and installed plug-ins.
Designed for direct sampling of multi-GHz signals, the RTH020 circuit features unprecedented bandwidth and aperture jitter performance.
This device turns a moderate bandwidth commercial ADC into a 10-GHz bandwidth ADC," said Paul van der Wagt, Senior Scientist in RSC's High Speed Mixed Signal ICs department.
com) has revisited the findings of their paper, The Bandwidth Glut, produced at the beginning of this year, and reveals the dynamics of an alleged glut continues to elude the market.
The Bandwidth Gap', a new report released today, reveals that the gap will restrict more than 87% of the potential offered load from global access networks at the end of 2001.
A key proposition of the seminar is that any future market upturn in sentiment towards telecom company stock is allied to an understanding of bandwidth capacity.