bandwagon effect

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the phenomenon of a popular trend attracting even greater popularity

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A review of the three elections with obvious bandwagon effects reveals no consistent pattern.
With smaller thresholds, a single event like the alleged attempt of rape on a university campus may trigger a series of events that may produce a bandwagon effect.
This ignorance extends to the Middle East and Islamic world, in particular, in part because of the bandwagon effect and in part because there is a lack of education in America about the people and the region.
Polling results - touted by the polling companies, given top-of-the-news coverage on TV and in print, and spun madly by pundits and campaigns alike - tend to create a bandwagon effect for presumed front-runners.
that are "specifically designed to create a positive bandwagon effect as election day approaches," according to the firm's web site.
Adding to the bandwagon effect, business journals and other press reported that influential leaders were getting more and more of their ideas from reading blogs.
11) This is a predictable bandwagon effect, not to be ignored--but such claims are often not plausible, never mind adequate.
She said: "It is an insensitive time to make these comments and there seems to be a bandwagon effect now with companies moving call centres abroad.
A devaluation which goes too far cannot be excluded because of the bandwagon effect, a loss of confidence in the markets as a consequence of the "twin deficit," a diversification of financial investments, etc.
The lack of canvassing also led to a very low numbers of window posters - another tool in generating awareness of the election and a bandwagon effect.
THE explosion in the video games market in recent years has seen an inevitable bandwagon effect in the cinema with film makers not slow to spot an opportunity.
But the bandwagon effect created by Blues's run into the play-offs means the club go into today's clash with confidence.
A potential bandwagon effect suggested that the longer personalized plates had been available in a state, the greater the demand.
NAFTA has had a bandwagon effect on countries to think seriously about forming new trading trading blocs and expanding existing ones.