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a popular trend that attracts growing support

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a large ornate wagon for carrying a musical band

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Peugeot, a France-based automaker, is planning to develop crossover-coupe bandwagon in 2020.
We all know that certain celebrity's ("they assaulted me a long time ago") bandwagon ground to a halt with their conviction and subsequent imprisonment, but now we have the alleged sexual assault by a member of a political party, which has apparently stirred the memories of several other women who made similar claims of incidents, and which they also say they were told not to report.
The bandwagon in itself is, as the name suggest, a vehicle on which a band or entertainers of some sort would perform during a parade of some kind.
Seems to me Ukip will say anything and jump on any bandwagons to get a few extra votes, even if they once poured cold water on some ideas.
9 in Tuckerman Hall, it's back to Jason Moran and the Bandwagon - his trio with bassist Tarus Mateen and drummer Nasheet Waits.
Summary: The Blackpool bandwagon rolls on with DJ Campbell scoring a second-half winner against Stoke at the Britannia Stadium.
08), his comments on "politicians who jump on any headline-grabbing bandwagon that might be passing" has to be challenged.
and I'm including David Beckham on this one because he's jumped on the bandwagon today and that's exactly what they've done, footballers jumping on the bandwagon to beg whoever it is that has taken Madeleine McCann away, whoever has grabbed her, to give her back.
Sir - It has became clear to me that the political green bandwagon started by David Cameron has hit the wall of reality.
But then a bandwagon is a bandwagon wherever it comes from
Under the terms of the agreement, Bandwagon will embed a blinkx video bar featuring music-related content from blinkx's index, the largest index on the Web with over 7 million hours of content.
It was goofy enough for county and city leaders to jump on the anti-trans fat bandwagon, considering that the public's health-consciousness has already prompted food manufacturers and fast-food restaurants to start using alternatives.
As The Times noted, other fight-wing groups saw the money pouring in and jumped quickly on the holiday bandwagon.
MTV is jumping on the dance-themed reality TV show bandwagon this fall, and who better to produce it than Jennifer Lopez, the multitalented superstar who got her first break as a dancer?