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a type of concertina popular in South America

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But it is for the Argentinian tango that the bandoneon is most renowned, and in a sequence of works by the great Astor Piazzolla the trio, joined for one number by festival co-director and violist Mate Szucs, metaphorically raised the roof in Massa's brilliant arrangements which brought verve, louche sadness, wit and spectacle to these wonderful creations.
The live music will be led by the young prodigy considered one of the four best bandoneons in the world, Lautaro Greco, and the 12 dancers will be directed by the first dancer Tere Sanchez Terraf, who graduated from the prestigious Juilliard in New York.
Rodolfo Mederos Trio consists of Rodolfo Mederos on bandoneon, Armando de La Vega on guitars, and Sergio Rivas on double bass.
The sound of the Bandoneon is woven throughout the album, played beautifully by Nicolas Avila of Comodoro Rivadavia in Patagonia who travelled to Wales to tour Wales with Brigyn.
The bandoneon (a type of concertina almost synonymous with tango) is used throughout the album to retain the historic flavor of the form, but the guitar never cedes center stage to it.
Joseph in Hartford, Connecticut, the ABQ premiered Alma Iluminda by Argentinian composer Daniel Binelli for quintet, organ, percussion, and bandoneon, with the composer on bandoneon and Ezequiel Menendez on organ.
un peu du tout, de la musique andalouse meler a la musique classique, un periple dans le tango notamment avec Sebastien au bandoneon, Emilie Aridon au piano, Sabrina Condello au violon, Fabio lo Curto aux clarinettes ainsi que Dorian Marcel (contrebasse).
The Piazzolla Sextet includes two musicians - violinist Fernando Suarez-Paz and double-bass player Horacio Cabarcos - who played with Piazzolla himself as well as Alejandro Guerschberg on bandoneon, Nicolas Guerschberg on piano, Esteban Falabella on guitar, and Daniel 'Pipi' Piazzolla, the maestro's grandson, on drums.
These, and other sections, are accompanied by Julian Rowlands, an expert in the haunting music of tango, who composed the score, and plays the characteristic bandoneon, a kind of concertina, as well as a keyboard and fiddle.
The third performer on stage much of the time is lugubrious bandoneon player Julian Rowlands whose music, by turn passionate and plaintive, provides another vital voice.
A CONCERT by renowned performer Carel Kryenhof from the Netherlands, who plays the bandoneon, an instrument common in tango musical performances, is slated to be held at Qatar National Theatre on April 29.