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Synonyms for bandaged

covered or wrapped with a bandage


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Shimerda came out and placed an open prayer-book against the body, making the sign of the cross on the bandaged head with her fingers.
When they were seated in the carriage the president reminded the general of his promise to allow his eyes to be bandaged, to which he made no opposition.
"That is true," said Don Quixote, and, taking a handkerchief out of his pocket, he begged the Distressed One to bandage his eyes very carefully; but after having them bandaged he uncovered them again, saying, "If my memory does not deceive me, I have read in Virgil of the Palladium of Troy, a wooden horse the Greeks offered to the goddess Pallas, which was big with armed knights, who were afterwards the destruction of Troy; so it would he as well to see, first of all, what Clavileno has in his stomach."
Sancho did so, and, bidding them farewell, allowed his eyes to he bandaged, but immediately afterwards uncovered them again, and looking tenderly and tearfully on those in the garden, bade them help him in his present strait with plenty of Paternosters and Ave Marias, that God might provide some one to say as many for them, whenever they found themselves in a similar emergency.
He pointed to his dress and to his bandaged head, and still panting for breath, glanced round the room; then faced towards Hugh again.
Now, the young lady happened to be lame, and had to have her foot bandaged up every day; so she kept a basketful of bandages, all nicely rolled and ready.
The Big Bandage has raised more than PS192,836 since it launched in 2013 and has seen thousands of celebrities, businesses, patients, staff, office workers, schools and community groups bandaged up in aid of the children's hospital.
Two members of staff were even sponsored to be bandaged together for a day.