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an endless saw consisting of a toothed metal band that is driven around two wheels

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Over the din of a buzzing band saw, the Amish furniture maker complained that Uncle Sam was out to get owners of woodworking shops like his simply for trying to teach Amish youths a trade.
Its services include supplying band saw blades, grinder plates and knives, and preventive maintenance and emergency equipment repairs.
You'll need a saber, jig, coping, or band saw for cutting out the heart, a drill with 3/32-, 5/32-, and 1/4-inch bits, a router with a straight bit and 1/4-inch rounding-over bit, a hole saw with a diameter slightly larger than your mirror's diameter (optional), and sandpaper.
The subject matter of this Public Contract is the supply of a band saw and related accessories to the Contracting Authority (hereinafter referred to as band saw ).
Installing a riser block on a typical 14-in, band saw increases its resaw capacity from 6 to 12 in.
Eagle Alloy used a friction band saw for many years, and the company's investment casting facility, which produces primarily stainless steel castings, still uses it today.
Even if limited to less than 10-foot logs, Van Winkle prefers the chainsaw sawmill, with ripping chains, to a band saw. He notes that while the kerf is larger, the chainsaw can handle surprises better; like nails in the wood.
Scotchman says the American-made, VC-20 vertical contour band saw can cut wood, plastic, steel, aluminum or stainless steel.
The Brummie band saw An End Is A Start - their follow-up to The Back Room - go straight to No 1 while the first single Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors went Top 10.
The Model H275 Manual Band Saw is designed for cutting of tubes, pipes, light structural shapes, and small solids up to 10" at 90[degrees].
DoALL Sawing Products is introducing its Model DC-310NC dual-column metalcutting band saw with a wider 1-1/4" blade for greater beam strength and a more powerful 5hp band-drive motor that can saw rectangles up to 12"x12" and rounds up to 12" diameter.
* Wegener North America is showing a new band saw for off-line cutting of pipe and profiles.
Tenders are invited for supply of bimetal band saw blade through e-procurement.
Band saw cuts usually leave saw marks, so it's good practice to allow extra material for smoothing the edge.
Located in Mexico, a manufacturer of rolled rings saw the need for better cutting and found a band saw that fit its requirements.