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And now, my readers, if ever I have any, I have brought you up the broad river, and through the screen of rushes, and down the green tunnel, and up the long slope of palm trees, and through the bamboo brake, and across the plain of tree-ferns.
The lightning spattered the sky as a thrown egg spattered a barn door, but the light was pale blue, not yellow; and looking through my slit bamboo blinds, I could see the great dog standing, not sleeping, in the veranda, the hackles alift on her back, and her feet planted as tensely as the drawn wire rope of a suspension bridge.
He beat the buffaloes with a long, polished bamboo, and told Kamya, one of the boys, to graze the cattle by themselves, while he went on with the buffaloes, and to be very careful not to stray away from the herd.
Mowgli drove them on to the edge of the plain where the Waingunga came out of the jungle; then he dropped from Rama's neck, trotted off to a bamboo clump, and found Gray Brother.
They clambered up the Council Rock together, and Mowgli spread the skin out on the flat stone where Akela used to sit, and pegged it down with four slivers of bamboo, and Akela lay down upon it, and called the old call to the Council, "Look--look well, O Wolves," exactly as he had called when Mowgli was first brought there.
All that Jerry's teeth could reach was the stick, and dry and seasoned bamboo can defy the teeth of any dog.
To counteract the audacity of this proceeding he led her to a bamboo sofa in a less secluded part of the conservatory, and sitting down beside her broke a lily-of-the-valley from her bouquet.
A small group, bending down to look under the bamboo doors, watching the fall of glass, and three pairs of violent legs, changed in a moment to a crowd.
High cost of raw materials, increased transportation tax with little profit in return has dented the business prospects of the bamboo artisans, therefore the bamboo sellers have requested the government to allow them to take bamboos from the state to make make profits.
The riversides are blessed with naturally growing bamboos of different species.
The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) here aims to showcase different bamboo products during the expo to educate the public on the bamboos importance to the local economy and the environment.
To prevent river overflow, siltation and soil erosion, Villar Foundation settled on a most practicable solution: coco nets with bamboos planted on its eyelets.
Dried bamboos possess better quality in term of properties compared to green bamboo after undergoing heat treatment process.
Aside from rehabilitating bamboos, Malones is also asking Villar to provide machineries in the production of bamboo baskets.
Bamboos are beautiful plants widely found in countries in Asia.