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Synonyms for balsa

strong lightweight wood of the balsa tree used especially for floats

forest tree of lowland Central America having a strong very light wood

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Residents may purchase balsawood stars for various amounts of money and they will be hung on the mural until the fundraiser is completed.
The kind-hearted pensioner, who lives in Coundon, Coventry, put two months of love and care into making the balsawood structure.
It would be two weeks before Kitchen would finally see his home, which had been heavily damaged by a massive storm surge that swept across Interstate 10 and swamped the first floor, tossing around his furniture like balsawood miniatures in a child's dollhouse.
Children were trained in the killing arts by thrusting shorter spears into human-shaped balsawood targets.
Attempting to prove his theory of east-west migration, he built a balsawood raft, which he named the Kon-Tiki.
There, he and a buddy chipped in $18 to buy one of the first balsawood surf boards made by surf legend Hobie Alter, then just another beach kid working out of a garage.
It's made of healthy low fat meat that's a doddle to over-cook and make taste like you're eating unseasoned balsawood.
I hunt mountain country with a Moses Stick: a hiking, binocular rest, shooting staff built from the balsawood light, oak-strong stalk of a dead (do not cut down a live one) agave.
My 30-hp, two-stroke engine, screamed back to life and drove my 36-inch, balsawood prop to its maximum rpm.
Velocity is a euphoric, fruity floral with top notes of banana flower--a unique flower indigenous to Madagascar; green jungle orchid and tart mangosteen; heart notes of dashing clementine, white azalea petals and aromadendron and base notes of balsawood tree blossoms.