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any seed plant yielding balsam

any of various fragrant oleoresins used in medicines and perfumes

an ointment containing a fragrant resin

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"What vial and what balsam is that?" said Sancho Panza.
"It is a balsam," answered Don Quixote, "the receipt of which I have in my memory, with which one need have no fear of death, or dread dying of any wound; and so when I make it and give it to thee thou hast nothing to do when in some battle thou seest they have cut me in half through the middle of the body- as is wont to happen frequently,- but neatly and with great nicety, ere the blood congeal, to place that portion of the body which shall have fallen to the ground upon the other half which remains in the saddle, taking care to fit it on evenly and exactly.
But let us leave that to its own time; see if thou hast anything for us to eat in those alforjas, because we must presently go in quest of some castle where we may lodge to-night and make the balsam I told thee of, for I swear to thee by God, this ear is giving me great pain."
Yet such was the virtue of Miriam's balsam, or such the strength of Ivanhoe's constitution, that he did not sustain from the hurried journey that inconvenience which his kind physician had apprehended.
On the following morning at five o'clock D'Artagnan arose, and descending to the kitchen without help, asked, among other ingredients the list of which has not come down to us, for some oil, some wine, and some rosemary, and with his mother's recipe in his hand composed a balsam, with which he anointed his numerous wounds, replacing his bandages himself, and positively refusing the assistance of any doctor, D'Artagnan walked about that same evening, and was almost cured by the morrow.
Snagsby, touched by the spectacle before him, immediately lays upon the table half a crown, that magic balsam of his for all kinds of wounds.
The Scottish Invasive Species Initiative (SISI) team uprooted the Himalayan balsam from the banks of the River Deveron near Turriff, as part of ongoing efforts to rid northern Scotland's fresh waterways from animals and plants that are not native to this country.
Officers from the Environment Agency and Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) have been working hard to remove invasive Himalayan Balsam along the Roman River near Colchester.
Volunteers have been working to pull up the Himalayan Balsam in the county as part of the Shropshire Wildlife Trust's river project.
Steve and Heather Bond, from Pant Glas, said a field close to their home, is now over-run with Himalayan Balsam plants.
WHEN I told a friend that I was off on a day's balsam bashing, he wasn't best pleased.
Woodland and coastal shingle habitats on the site are under threat from Himalayan balsam, Japanese knotweed and giant hogweed, which can cause severe skin burns.
The first trial for this road started in October 2018 in cooperation with local formulator, Balsam, the chemicals group said in a statement.
Members of staff at the Balsam Centre, a charity which supports the West Country community, packed up cars and distributed the food to the homeless, support groups and community centres.
"Aeonic" contains masterful examples of the award -winning contemporary bluegrass group, Balsam Range (comprised of Buddy Melton, Darren Nicholson, Caleb Smith, Tim Surrett, Walt Wilkins, Marc Pruett).