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a sturdy laced walking shoe

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a brimless dark blue Scottish cap with a flat top and a plume on one side


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Pictures shared by MV Balmoral and snaps taken on the ship show what it's like aboard the pleasure cruiser.
It is claimed that until recently the Silver Cross website had a shot of La Lopez pushing her twins Max and Emme in two Balmorals from their range, which according to the caption have made her the envy of Long Island.
The remaining house types are two more Witleys and two Balmorals, all with five bedrooms and all priced at pounds 197,500.
From sandals to high heels and graphite balmorals for men to surface clean smooth lines, this collection sets the tone this season
Besides the Glengarries, Tamo'Shanters and Balmorals worn by Scottish regiments, and the Royal Ulster Rifles' caubeens, most British battalions were issued with "hats, jungle" -- a headdress closely resembling the "fedors" style head-dress currently used in Afghanistan.