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Yes, the World Cup hasn't kicked a ball yet, but who cares - I've wintnessed enough balls-ups this week to last me a lifetime.
Because there's nothing funnier than watching the Beeb squirm after another of its trademark balls-ups.
The disc contains a whole host of howlers, including balls-ups from such as Ryan Giggs, Freddie Ljungberg, Patrick Kluivert and Peter Schmeichel.
You cannot get into the line of thinking that you are going to give the ground as what it might be in two or three hours time or, quite frankly, I would make even bigger balls-ups, but I couldn't convince him.
THIS time last year The Apprentice "starred" a bungling Brummie called Ruth Badger whose bull-in-a-china-shop balls-ups were causing most of the laughs as Sir Alan Sugar continued his hilarious search for a loser.