ballroom music

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a genre of popular music composed for ballroom dancing

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Houghton Performance and Art's Schools troop of dancers performed to disco and ballroom music yesterday.
The party concludes with Prokofiev's Cinderella Suite - not only with the expected magnificent ballroom music, but with some colourful caricatures, including the squabbling ugly sisters.
The album also contains spirited performances of the composer's ballroom music for Visconti's ``The Leopard,'' and a suite based on the gorgeous ``La Strada'' score.
Aldrich pointed out that Chopin's waltzes were never used as ballroom music and that the period was wrong.
Wells broke in to a broadcast of ballroom music with a string of pseudo-news broadcasts about Martians landing in New Jersey.
The evening ended with ballroom music to the music of the Art Deco Band.