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a facility in which ball games are played (especially baseball games)

near to the scope or range of something

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Team A's ballpark was fewer than five years old at the time of the study, with construction costs exceeding $50 million.
"Populous is bringing a wealth of knowledge on aspects of ballpark design.
Under the deal before voters, the city's contribution to an estimated $1 billion ballpark is capped at $500 million.
The agreement also allows the credit union to install ATMs, hold special events for members and operate a booth to serve members at the ballpark and take new member applications.
At no time in Major League Baseball history have league rules dictated that ballparks be standardized in size or dimensions, outside the distances from home plate to the pitching rubber and around the bases.
The Joy of Ballpark Food from Hot Dogs to Haute Cuisine traces the history and evolution of ballpark food, from how the hot dog came to America and came to be associated with baseball to other foods associated with ballpark events, from Cracker Jack to the later appearance of nachos and knishes.
Additionally, the facilities team boasts a strong reuse program that captures 90% of waste generated at the ballpark for recycling or composting.
''We think an urban ballpark is going to be a great success and add visibility to the life of Providence and the state of Rhode Island,'' Skeffington said.
The ballpark is part of a multiuse development that will include shops, restaurants, offices and residences.
Accessible seating is important to Karen Halgren, but there's one other aspect that ranks a little higher on her ballpark list--parking.
It seems nothing is beyond reality when it comes to concession offerings at the ballpark these days.
Each chapter describes one of the ballparks used by major league teams, with historical information about it and previous stadiums in the city, the spring training history of the resident team or teams, fan traditions and foods, how to get there, seating, and the landscape surrounding the ballpark, including information about other baseball and sports-related attractions in the area, with b&w photos.
They will also be adding a 25-foot climbing wall to enhance their family-friendly fun experience at the ballpark. “We are always looking for creative ways that families can enjoy affordable family fun and make memorable experiences at our ballpark, and the new amusement rides will be fantastic, unique, and affordable entertainment for the entire community to enjoy every night of the week,” said River Bandits owner and Main Street Amusements president Dave Heller.