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one who votes


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ISLAMABAD -- The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) has notified the draft Share Registrars and Balloters Regulations, 2016, to obtain public opinion.
The existing BTU rules were made to regulating affairs of the underwriters and balloters and share registrars despite the fact that both these intermediaries perform totally different functions.
The complexity that is Venice, and certainly was the case when Aldus arrived there at the end of the 1480s, is well exemplified by her journalist's summary description of how a doge was elected to govern the Republic: "[T]he Great Council selects thirty balloters by lot from whom nine are picked by lot to elect forty from whom twelve are selected by lot by a boy plucked from the piazza; these twelve choose twenty-five from whom nine are selected by lot to elect forty-five from whom eleven are selected by lot to choose the doge from forty-one candidates[.
The confidence levels of those who used touch-screen or optical scan systems were higher than those of absentee balloters, although even 77 percent of the latter also said the chances their vote would be counted were excellent or good.
Beyond that, voters experienced the same kinds of snafus that occur in any election - mostly not having received their ballots in the mail because of changed addresses - as last-minute balloters crowded into the small lobby at the elections office in downtown Eugene.
Every year the balloters for defensive player of the year go by the numbers and select either the league leader in blocked shots or the league leader in steals.
The argument is that absentee balloters wouldn't be able to take that into account.