balloon bomb

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a bomb carried by a balloon


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flight path of each balloon bomb had to be tracked in order to see if it
only a fraction of the balloon bombs launched reached North America,
On May 5, 1945, six people were killed by one of the Japanese "Fu-Go" balloon bombs, not near Astoria, but near Bly in south-central Oregon.
A PLOT to build helium balloon bombs filled with anthrax has been uncovered in the Afghan capital, Kabul.
Sketches and calculations showed how the balloon bombs could be floated over western cities at a height of more than five miles before dropping their deadly cargo.
Similar disappointments include their use of large flying boats and balloon bombs.
By March 1939 the IRA's distinctive balloon bombs (filled with acid and surrounded by gelignite) were bursting out all over.
AN EXTREMIST moslem cleric has called on fanatics to create "another Lockerbie" by launching balloon bombs at major airports like Heathrow.
Could there be other fallen balloon bombs, still armed and dangerous, out there?
Meanwhile, from Oregon and northern California came reports of incendiary balloon bombs sent up by Japanese warships offshore.
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