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the trajectory of an object in free flight

the science of flight dynamics

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I have a basic understanding of firearms ballistics. Bows and arrows are too complicated for me to fully understand.
Powley Power Those of us older than 45 can remember when about the only information or data available on ballistics was what was printed in a catalog, magazine or reloading guide.
"I would have never thought to be here," he said, but now he expects Clear Ballistics to surpass $1 million in sales in 2018.
N32C Tin Star is by far the best powder I've found for any of the bigbore rounds for duplicating original ballistics. I use it in .45 Colt, .45 Schofield, .45 Short Colt, .455 Webley, .44 Special, and, of course, .44 Magnum.
Nosler announces an independent testing facility has evaluated its entire line of AccuBond Long Range (ABLR) bullets, verifying their Ballistic Coefficients (BCs) by Doppler radar.
In addition we need a reliable ballistics calculator to process the data.
For ballistics gel, mix Knox gelatin with water in a 1:8 ratio until there are no lumps, then refrigerate.
Coventry University's Dr Helen Poole, one of the project leaders, said: "In south eastern Europe we found that investigators and prosecutors require additional support in developing their ballistics information and intelligence structures, supported by adequate training that will enable them to use the positive impact that ballistics information can deliver in addressing a number of complex security challenges.
But authorities in Denver are leading a national trend to put ballistics evidence into the hands of investigators much more quickly -- before leads dry up and suspects disappear.
Using Dyneema Force Multiplier Technology, Point Blank developed the core ballistics package for the SPCS to create what's said to be the lightest soft-armor system ever to be fielded by the U.S.
The Euless, Texas, producer and design-build contractor has branded a new reinforcing feature, Superior Ballistics, doubling the strength of its fence and barrier panels, and making them impervious to close-range fire from high caliber ammunition.
These loads are designed for coyote but are also listed on their ballistics website as heavy-hitting large goose loads.
TESTIMONY at yesterday's hearing into the murder of Sigma boss Andis Hadjicostis focussed on a ballistics, who said the victim had been shot at twice in the chest at close range.
I then checked the ammo lists in the back and found the advertised ballistics of the .44 Magnum were a 240-grain lead gas-checked SWC bullet at a velocity of 1,570 fps for a muzzle energy of 1,310 ft.-lb.
Our new technology can exchange and compare ballistics data electronically with other IBIS-equipped countries," adds Walsh.