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Synonyms for ballistics

the trajectory of an object in free flight

the science of flight dynamics

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A good number of ballisticians investigated and it may be said that broadly speaking they got to the bottom of it.
PNP Crime Laboratory Ballistician Reynaldo de Guzman and Army officers - Lieutenant Colonel Rolando Nerona, Lieutenant Colonel Cerilo Balaoro Jr., Colonel Medardo Geslani and Corporal Michael Roy Dulce - appeared before the local court following the request for subpoena of defense lawyer Sigfried Fortun.
In his later years, he served as the ballistician for Frankford Arsenal.
Ballistician Hayasmin Abarrientos took the witness stand before RTC Branch 125 and testified on the bullet graze and dents on the concrete fence and wooden stand at the site where Kian was killed in an alleged encounter with police last year.
A team consists of 3 people, and includes the shooter, a wind reader and a ballistician, both of whom double as spotters for the shooter.
Noted South African ballistician Johan Loubser, late of Somchem and now plying his trade in the United States was much of the brains behind Somchem's little A5 reloading manual, which is today much sought-after and hard to find.
That was also the time when it looked like I'd be the ballistician for a local ammo-loading company.
Manila, Philippines - The defense lawyers in the "Maguindanao Massacre'' case asked a Quezon City court to issue the subpoena directing four army officers and a ballistician to appear in court and have their judicial affidavits taken.
Headed up by ballistician Alan Corzine, and funded by a new shotshell ammunition company dubbed Pinnacle Ammunition, the project was undertaken at two locations.
Since he had no bona-tides as a law officer, soldier, mercenary, or ballistician, he figured that to write gun magazine articles he should shoot and reload for lots of different guns.
To me, these present a very careful and astute study, but there is a figure included that attracted my ballistician's eye.
Several years ago, competitive shooting legend Dennis DeMille and his pal Dave Emary, the senior ballistician at Hornady Manufacturing, were purportedly whiling away an evening at the National Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio, complaining about the sordid state of the world.
The shooting world has been blessed ever since a discussion between Hornady ballistician Dave Emary and High Power Rifle competitor Dennis DeMille bore the fruit of the 6.5 Creedmoor.
It wasn't long before the wildcatters began to experiment, and in its first incarnation the .22-250 was known simply as the .22 Varminter, developed in 1937 by ballistician Grosvenor Wotkyns together with J E Smith and J L Gebby.
(1.) According to Austrian ballistician Josef Motz, all Austro-Hungarian 8mm Mannlicher rifles had a long, conical shaped free bore which allowed cartridges with longer necks to be fired in rifles that, technically at least, were chambered for shorter cartridges.