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The minutes state that Assistant Chief Constable Andy Battle presented a briefing paper to senior colleagues "with information in relation to any move to procure specialist ballistically protected vehicles and proposed to obtain legal and procurement advice before proceeding any further."
Caption: Be safe, look smooth, that's why Tarr likes Wiley X sunglasses, which are ballistically rated, and they fit his head.
Tempe, Arizona-based Robertson designs and produces mission-extending, crashworthy, and ballistically self-sealing auxiliary fuel systems for military rotorcraft.
Practically speaking, these four cartridges are ballistically identical to the more compact .308 Winchester, which was not invented until 1952.
Just be double-darn sure you go back to the .30 front cap, when you go back to the 762 mount and rifle, or else you will ballistically drill a new hole in your front cap.
First, 9mm ammunition is ballistically superior to the .38 Special, and you also get ammo commonality between your revolver and semiauto.
But he does not slight the 28-gauge, and says that 14-ounce of shot in a 28 is "ballistically perfect." We couldn't agree more.
The BER round is fired ballistically, and can reach up to 50 km when fired from a 52 calibre barrel.
For instance, on our latest AC904 model helmet a hybrid of materials are used; ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, which is ballistically efficient, but not as structural as the Aramids we've previously used.
It acquitted itself well as a general purpose round on heavy game, and is ballistically similar to the .458 Winchester Magnum but with a larger bore diameter.
There's terrific tension amid the ferocious barrage of sinew-snapping, bone-bashing, nerve-shredding and ballistically executed mayhem.
This unique reticle can be ballistically matched to your exact cartridge using Nikon "Spot On" Software.
Ballistically, the 7.62x39mm offers performance slightly superior to the .300 Whisper/.300 BLK.
No doubt about it the military version easily beats the .30-06 by a considerable margin ballistically. Normally the military 150-grain 06 gives 2,700 fps from a 24" barrel.
Ballistically speaking, the stuff should just have fallen back onto Pluto, so tidal interactions among the large chunks must have allowed what became Charon and the other moons to remain in orbit around Pluto's equator.