ballistic trajectory

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the trajectory of an object in free flight


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will hit" data, the fins rotate to make small corrections to the ballistic trajectory that ultimately guide the projectile on a more accurate path.
1ft)-long, conical-shaped experimental vehicle into a ballistic trajectory.
For high-speed imaging of ballistic trajectory characterisation, Doppler radar equipment might be on the way out, as Specialised Imaging has developed a technique that allows engineers to correlate high-speed video data with 3D visualisation and measurement.
The round has no wings; it flies its ballistic trajectory, but turns into a smart bullet only when it gets close to the target, he explained.
The target vehicle flew a ballistic trajectory and impacted the Pacific Ocean northwest of the Kauai Pacific Missile Range Facility (PMRF).
Additionally, the PzH2000 test demonstrated the projectile's ability to maneuver from the ballistic trajectory to an offset target.
It is true Premier Reticles and a few other folks have been installing holdover dots for particular cartridges and ballistic trajectory for several years prior to this, but the rush to more elaborate holdover bars is a relatively new phenomenon.
The Tomahawk is valuable, but if you have a mobile target, you really want something that is on a ballistic trajectory It gets there fluster.
Conventional aircraft would have to approach in a low-altitude flight profile followed by a steep climb to toss the bomb in a ballistic trajectory.
The GIF system addresses these needs and is projected to dramatically improve the accuracy of ballistic trajectory of the projectiles which will result in significant performance improvements including: minimal miss distance, reduced time to neutralize threats and minimized logistic and re-supply burdens.
The boost vehicle flew a ballistic trajectory over the Pacific Ocean, reaching an altitude of approximately 1,165 miles and traveling about 3,300 miles down range from the launch site.
The inability to control all the variables that shape a projectile's ballistic trajectory affects the accuracy of cannon artillery, which results in range error.