ballistic trajectory

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the trajectory of an object in free flight


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has a ballistic trajectory over most of its flight path" and
They note that "the purpose of maneuver is to change ballistic trajectory instead of evading interceptor directly.
The new system will measure all relevant physical phenomena that influence the ballistic trajectory and rapidly calculate and display the offset aim point and confidence metric in the shooter's riflescope.
Loara A is equipped with a target-acquisition radar with a phased-array antenna and integrated fire-control set with an independent target tracking radar, a FLIR and TV camera, laser range-finder, and a powerful fire-control computer for calculating the ballistic trajectory of outgoing rounds.
In this case, an aircraft will fly on a roller-coaster style flight path, entering into a ballistic trajectory at the top of the parabola and into the dive.
Following a ballistic trajectory, the atoms soar into a microwave waveguide, where the transition from one energy level to another occurs.
The Navy's current system delivers unguided sensors that follow a ballistic trajectory, resulting in errors in the actual placement point of the sensors," notes Jerry Fanucci, President/CTO of KaZaK Composites.
The cross-range measures the ability of the CAV to maneuver and vary from a standard ballistic trajectory after its release from its launch vehicle.
will hit" data, the fins rotate to make small corrections to the ballistic trajectory that ultimately guide the projectile on a more accurate path.
1ft)-long, conical-shaped experimental vehicle into a ballistic trajectory.
For high-speed imaging of ballistic trajectory characterisation, Doppler radar equipment might be on the way out, as Specialised Imaging has developed a technique that allows engineers to correlate high-speed video data with 3D visualisation and measurement.
The round has no wings; it flies its ballistic trajectory, but turns into a smart bullet only when it gets close to the target, he explained.
Superman, who qualifies as a post-Classic Perseus, also dropped out of the sky when he survived a ballistic trajectory from his home planet, Krypton.