ballistic trajectory

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the trajectory of an object in free flight


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It can be seen from Figures 8-10 that the precision of measurement data of the ballistic trajectory filtering through the UKF algorithm was significantly improved and is suitable for engineering applications.
maneuver and vary from a standard ballistic trajectory after its release
The ballistic trajectory of legacy 40mm ammunition inhibits optimal engagement of personnel threats under cover.
Amazingly, the average flight had the X-15 flying under power for 90 seconds, then following a ballistic trajectory, then once again flying but as a glider.
Hungr, "The use of ballistic trajectory and granular flow models in predicting rockfall propagation," Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, vol.
A ballistic trajectory is the path of an object that is dropped, thrown, served, launched, or shot but has no active propulsion during its actual flight.
China's decision to use ballistic missiles for anti-ship warfare is unusual considering that targeting moving ships with a missile on a ballistic trajectory is much harder and requires more sophisticated navigation than cruise missiles.
The launch was first detected by Russia, which reported that two "objects" following a "ballistic trajectory" had been fired, according to Al Jazeera.
They note that "the purpose of maneuver is to change ballistic trajectory instead of evading interceptor directly.
The new system will measure all relevant physical phenomena that influence the ballistic trajectory and rapidly calculate and display the offset aim point and confidence metric in the shooter's riflescope.
Scroll down to "General Ballistic Trajectory" to see clear visuals showing the path objects take when launched at various angles.
As a result, Yi, Peggy Whitson, a US astronaut and Yuri Malenchenko, a Russian flight engineer, endured severe gravitational forces after the space craft took a steeper-than-usual re-entry known as a "ballistic trajectory".
Loara A is equipped with a target-acquisition radar with a phased-array antenna and integrated fire-control set with an independent target tracking radar, a FLIR and TV camera, laser range-finder, and a powerful fire-control computer for calculating the ballistic trajectory of outgoing rounds.
In this case, an aircraft will fly on a roller-coaster style flight path, entering into a ballistic trajectory at the top of the parabola and into the dive.
Following a ballistic trajectory, the atoms soar into a microwave waveguide, where the transition from one energy level to another occurs.