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a particular situation that is radically different from the preceding situation

a field game played with a ball (especially baseball)

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The ballgames of ancient Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and Honduras have long fascinated scholars and the general public alike.
Exactly how the Maya ballgame functioned, as sport and as ritual, has long fascinated scholars, and two recent international conferences have gone some way to resolving the problem.
It's a whole new ballgame," said State Assembly Member Richard N.
We turned the pages and turned the radio knob looking for a ballgame until we found one every night that summer.
No records explaining how to play the Classic Maya ballgame have been found.
DETROIT -- Comerica Park's Four Hawker Finalists Display Ballgame Battle Cries During a Pre-Game Ceremony; Title Decided by Fan Votes, Passion for Hawking, Creativity and Overall Technique
Losing a 2-1 ballgame when your pitcher goes out and gives up four hits is frustrating,'' said Dallas McPherson, who went 0 for 3.
We're in the ninth inning, but this is an extra-inning ballgame," said Janice Stanton, managing director of investment research for Cushman & Wakefield Inc.
Captives were often pitted against the conquering king in an ancient ballgame that was stacked in favor of the king; after inevitably losing the contest, captives were sacrificed and often decapitated.