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music written for a ballet

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There is some humour amid the bone-crunching brawls and balletic fights, performed without wires, camera trickery or stunt doubles.
Ethnography of the balletic body elicits dancers' and ex-dancers' perceptions of their bodies, and reveals some of the facets of their embodied habitus.
At the shows' edges are two artists too practical and elusive, too certain with materials, and too balletic with conceptual constraints to allow any easy readings to hem them in.
The balletic bloodletting of Blade II is more of a crude bloodbathDVD Extras include: Inside The World Of Blade: Trinity featurettes, alternative ending, blooper reel.
They are en pointe performing an exquisite balletic duet in one scene, gyrating to a rock groove in tennis shoes and pumps in the next.
The balletic action sequences are jaw-dropping and a sword fight between Snow and Moon takes place in a blizzard of whirling red, orange, and yellow leaves.
But as for the rest of the work, its makers had their hands full pushing the notion that balletic dance movements could stand in for street-gang macho.
The two authors, who were also curators of the exhibition, worked in the archives of the Paris Opera and show that Degas was well informed about the balletic world of his day.
Much of the joy of the night was the commanding conducting of Valery Gergiev, his style balletic elegant, almost choreographed.
But these were also years in which armies grew in size and suffered rising percentages of casualties, making it very likely that the seventeenth-century courtier would encounter real war as well as balletic jousting--and that wartime experiences would be especially horrific.
Jeffrey Merrick indicates how the image of the royal body could be employed to criticize the monarchy - a theme of many of the essays; Abby Zanger considers images of Louis XIV at the close of the Mazarin period, explaining why there was a need to stress his potency; Mark Franko has a rather humourless discussion of Louis XIV's cross-dressing roles, with opaque passages, such as 'Hermaphroditism, initially a balletic icon of royal succession, later a tool of dissident critique, finally became with Louis XIV the balletic sign of unpredictable royal agency.
In earlier eras the play was often decried as formless because of its array of lyric, epic, dramatic, operatic, and balletic elements.
Out of the music that he composed for court entertainments, notably the ballets of Benserade and the comedie - ballets of Moliere, he developed French opera, with its characteristic accompanied recitatives, dramatic scoring, and balletic interludes.
CAMERA OBSCURA - MY MAUDLIN CAREER THIS new album on 4AD is not a million miles away from their past work; in fact any of the songs could have appeared on last album Let's Get Out Of The Country, but their ability to surprise, whether with a sublime chord change or, as on Careless Love, a balletic instrumental section, gets them out of trouble.