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classical position of the body and especially the feet in ballet

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Ballet Bunnies is a fun, instructional book written to teach children basic ballet positions.
Basic ballet positions ala bunny style are covered in a fun survey young ballet dancers will find appealing and educational.
Attending twice weekly classes where he learned basic dance steps, simple exercises and ballet positions, it soon became obvious Andrew had something special.
At right, Alice Rietveld of Los Feliz says the workout, which combines aerobics with ballet positions, helps to keep her in shape.
Dancers learn basic ballet positions, leaps, turns and more.
Typically, these classes cover the basic ballet positions but focus on creative movement, posture, etiquette, and coordination, making for an easier transition into full ballet classes.
Viewers can learn the five ballet positions and watch dance movements performed by intermediate and advanced dancers in rehearsals and auditions.
Another way the Cecchetti training avoids injury is that it adapts the ballet positions to each individual's body.
The girls learn spatial awareness and basic ballet positions in their weekly 45-minute class.
For the first time in Korea's dance history, Yim Hak-son, professor of dance at Sungkyunkwan University, has codified positions, comparable to the five ballet positions, fundamental to traditional Korean dance, such as sungmu and salpuri.
This is one of the most coveted ballet positions in the world.