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a female ballet dancer

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It follows a young girl named Martina who loves to dance and wants nothing more than to become a ballerina.
The whole project was inspired by a similar project in New York called 'The Ballerina Project', which encouraged ballerinas to perform in the streets instead of on a stage," Taher said.
I didn't even know I was going to be a ballerina until I went into hair and makeup.
The photograph of the youngster, posing impishly like a wannabe ballerina, was one of thousands which she took in the late 1960s.
Almost 50 years ago she was pictured innocently acting out her ballerina dream in a dingy Balsall Heath backstreet.
Ballerina overwhelms the reader with historical details.
A ballerina is like a globe stand: She represents the axis, and her dancing is the world that revolves around it.
With the curtain closed on the school year and the final recital performed in many ballet classes, what's an aspiring ballerina to do?
The young dancers will be appearing in an Angelina Ballerina mini-show which will feature favourite class songs, audience participation and a new number from the Angelina Ballerina musical.
The marriage of the Imperial Russian Ballerina to the Cambridge economist and member of the precious 'Bloomsbury Set', must be one of the most exotic in British history.
She was so moved by the story that she tracked down Joann Ferrara, the physical therapist and dance instructor whose program was featured in the article, and commissioned bestselling picture book author Lauren Thompson and Pulitzer prize-winning photographer James Estrin to produce Ballerina Dreams.
As a ballerina repeatedly leaps into the air and lands on her toes, pressure from hitting the floor can cause the dancer's legs to develop tiny "microcracks.
We have teamed up with Angelina Ballerina TM and The Prince Of Wales Arts & Kids Foundation to offer the trip of a lifetime to a young dance fan - a VIP tour of Buckingham Palace accompanied by one of the stars of the English National Ballet.
Novak] wanted to be this pure classical ballerina," Franklin recalls, "but she was not.
But American Ballet Theatre's Julie Kent is a glowing example of the ballerina of the 21st century.