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floating ball that controls level in a water tank


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Measured against other Biblical miracles, the ballcock is small beer, but it strikes a chord with modern man.
The second possible source of a tank toilet leak could be the fill valve or ballcock. This part turns on the water when the toilet is flushed and shuts off the water when the tank is refilled to its proper level.
A plumber was instantly sent to mend her ballcock - and he even gave 74-year-old Bet a lift home.
Water was slowly reintroduced to the archaeology and soils by a leaky-pipe system (normally used by horticulturists) being installed throughout the sand, with the water flow being controlled by a ballcock. This is still in place to maintain the water content of the clays.
First, adjust or replace the ballcock, which will allow you to adjust the water flow so that both the tank and bowl fill up at exactly the same time.
As the tank water level drops, the float ball (e) lowers with it, and at the same time opens the intake (ballcock) valve (m).
"Are you suggesting," I railed, "that I spend 24 hours with my left hand in the bowels of a latrine, clutching a ballcock?" "If it becomes a problem, use your right," he announced cheerfully.
She claims she is "self-taught in editing and videography, with an emphasis on collaborative DIY practices", which must be the bit where the guy rolls up to fix a housewife's ballcock.
You could buy a painted three-gallon Improved Mersey Cistern (complete with chain and ballcock) for just 25 shillings (PS1.25).
Not many have the knowledge to lift the lid and shriek: "My God, it's a counterfeit ballcock. Professionals never use a pig bladder."
To check your supply, mark the level of water in one of the tanks, tie up the ballcock and empty 50 litres from the tank.
Think of all those grateful women in their negligees saying how much they admire your ballcock work" - Broadcaster Jeremy Clarkson discussing the advantages of taking up plumbing as a career.
I went to a builders' merchant and talked the talk: "Need a ballcock, mate."