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floating ball that controls level in a water tank


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Measured against other Biblical miracles, the ballcock is small beer, but it strikes a chord with modern man.
You shouldn't have to gently caress the ballcock to stop it flushing.
The gents' loos, winner of the David Ashforth Golden Ballcock in his marathon round the courses of Britain and Ireland, during which a lot of water was passed under the bridge, are also notable.
A plumber was instantly sent to mend her ballcock - and he even gave 74-year-old Bet a lift home.
Water was slowly reintroduced to the archaeology and soils by a leaky-pipe system (normally used by horticulturists) being installed throughout the sand, with the water flow being controlled by a ballcock.
The height of the ballcock can also be adjusted to maximize the amount of water in the tank, giving you maximum flushing action with the added water weight.
Tank refills properly Float ball does not Replace leaky after it is flushed, yet rise enough to shut float ball (shake water continues to pour off the ballcock to see if any water in until it runs out valve; or is inside); or through the overflow Adjust float arm tube (singing toilet).
Tenders are invited for Ballcock With Epoxy Coated Alluminium Rod And H.
Then a stick with a balloonlike object on the end - it's a ballcock, honestly - regulates water filling a porcelain tank above the bowl, ensuring it stops at a precise level.
Not many have the knowledge to lift the lid and shriek: "My God, it's a counterfeit ballcock.
To check your supply, mark the level of water in one of the tanks, tie up the ballcock and empty 50 litres from the tank.
Just wandering around the 38 small gardens created for TV at Barnsdale in Leicester, you can feel Geoff Hamilton's presence, as areas are teeming with plants along with substitutes for expensive accessories (including a circular finial made from a toilet ballcock - but you'd never know - sitting on top of a pretty, home-made obelisk).
I went to a builders' merchant and talked the talk: "Need a ballcock, mate.