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Synonyms for ballcock

floating ball that controls level in a water tank


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It is, of course, perfectly possible for a woman to replace a ballcock, to change a tyre or to pick a lock.
For the payment of just pounds 25 per head (discounts available for pensioners, the under-fives and agnostics) you can view the cracked ballcock and discover for yourself the secret of the code.
In that harrowing incident, I paid the price for cutting corners: not first curtailing the water supply and using a condom for a replacement ballcock.
A customer said the firm had refused to pay out on an exterior leak caused by a faulty ballcock, but the ASA agreed this did not fall under the company's advertised 'internal cover for plumbing emergencies'.
I fear that before long he will be back to saying "Trouble with your ballcock, Sven?
Many of the original features of the structure will be kept including the cast iron columns and a giant ballcock.
I closed my eyes and counted to 10 before bellowing: "I have my hand in the tank holding the ballcock.
If I have misunderstood what you are saying and your design is merely to replace a conventional mechanical ballcock system, it could be interesting.
How the hell did you not know you had to switch the water off before fixing the ballcock.
A special ballcock ensures that only two thirds of the water drains away, and the fish splash about happily in the bubbles.
Mike, 48, said: "The ballcock went in the downstairs toilet so I spent most of the night trying to fix that.
I said she probably needed a new ballcock and to call a plumber.