ballast resistor

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a resistor inserted into a circuit to compensate for changes (as those arising from temperature fluctuations)

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At time t = 1 ms a breakdown starts to take place, the load resistance Rload is shunted by the circuit of the short-circuited discharger D and the connected ballast resistor Rb.
The original design[3] was modified to accommodate HBTs with ballast resistors, and performance was improved slightly.
Thankfully, if cost is of more concern than perfect matching, an inexpensive low-dropout (LDO) linear regulator can provide enough of a benefit to avoid tweaking the ballast resistor value with each new batch of LEDs.
Unique internal circuitry allows paralleling of multiple LT3086s for higher load current and heat spreading without needing external ballast resistors.
Illuminated models that feature bright or superbright LEDs available in blue, white, red, green, or amber, with matching color caps and built in ballast resistors.
Bright LEDs are available in red, green and amber, with matching color caps and built in ballast resistors.
Several design and production enhancements contribute to the success of the TGH29 line including an HBT unit cell that incorporates integrated emitter ballast resistors to minimize thermal runaway.
The driver's typical constant current output accuracy of 5%, irrespective of source voltage and LED chain length, is more than sufficient to meet the needs of low cost lighting products, ensuring uniform LED brightness and good inter-lamp matching without the need for ballast resistors.