ballad maker

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a composer of words or music for popular songs

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It also diminishes this distance by celebrating the child as singer, ballad maker: the baby's cry is her ballad, the equation of song and (particularly lyric) poetry a long-standing metaphoric device.
Returning to Dublin in 1950, he wrote short stories and scripts for Radio Telefis Eireann and sang on a continuing program, Ballad Maker's Saturday Night.
11-13; Bell, 'No Borders to the Ballad Maker's Art', p.
Though widely read, Deloney was dismissed as a mere ballad maker and purveyor of plebeian romance, and his literary merits went unrecognized until the 20th century.
(11) It appears, therefore, that the ballad makers quickly changed variations on 'Nannie' to the arguably prettier 'Annie', which prevails in later versions.