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I'd always suspected Roz was a bit of a ball-breaker in the office but this was the kind of Nutcracker you wouldn't want to hum along to.
No matter what your political affiliation, there's no denying Hillary Clinton is one hell of a ball-breaker. Thank God someone is finally capitalizing on that fact with the Hillary Nutcracker, a replica of Hillary in her smarty pantsuit and, well, nutcracking abilities.
Puglisi used to describe himself as a "ball-breaker," and he was often seen as a cantankerous and divisive figure.
He soon recognized the directorial usefulness of his temper and accepted his reputation as a "Pestiferous ball-breaker" (p.
But far from being respected for it, she is played as the proverbial ball-breaker.
Sometimes I might seem like a ball-breaker on a shoot but, fundamentally, I'm in control of my image."
Her image stems from press clippings that paint the picture of a ball-breaker: she was the Bebo chief executive who, in 2008, orchestrated its sale to AOL.
We've all met them, the men who can't handle grown-up women and label anyone who fails to appreciate their charms a "man hater, ball-breaker or lezzy".
After all, they have been reared in an age when women can spread their wings professionally, personally and financially, without fear of being called a ball-breaker, man-eater or spendthrift.
Puglisi used to describe himself as a "ball-breaker," and he shrugged off death threats with the comment that everyone had to die.