ball of fire

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a highly energetic and indefatigable person

someone whose career progresses rapidly

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Ball of Fire is showing at the Atkinson Theatre, Southport, at 7.
The ball of fire scene was shot on the Burrow Head clifftops
She said a "couple of planes" were taking part in a jet display when one appeared to fly too close to the ground before onlookers saw a "huge ball of fire and black smoke".
An Ethiopian jet carrying 90 people plunged into the sea off the coast of Lebanon in a ball of fire just after takeoff in a stormy weather early Monday with no sign of survivors.
Everybody avoids this ball of fire and no one wants to pick it up.
The plane had reached an altitude of 600ft when it suddenly plunged to the ground and erupted into a ball of fire.
Witness Gianfranco Bini said: "We saw a ball of fire rising up to the sky.
After several crashes in the US and one in Korea, Russian billionaire Suleiman Kerimov turned his pounds 525,000 supercar into a ball of fire after hitting a tree just outside Nice.
As the sun continued to rise, the pinks became deeper, the reds became richer, and brilliant oranges and yellows joined in the dance, until finally, there it was--the most amazingly bright orangy-yellow ball of fire rising above the horizon.
It was a ball of fire - 20 to 25 feet high and probably equal in width,'' Glendale police Officer Mark Stocks testified, saying he could feel and hear the fire from 40 feet away.
And this is the story / That the Earth told the Child // In the beginning / There was stillness // In the beginning / There was motion // My blazing ball of fire quieted // The stars in the night / Called me their sister // The shafts of sunlight split / Framing colored mirrors // The Rainbow encircled me with its embrace.
It was like a big ball of fire,' said Summer Jensen, who was in her living room on Saturday night when she saw the flash of light outside her Portland home.
As we were inside the mosque we saw a ball of fire and heard a huge explosion,' said Tahir Abdullah Sultan.
He lights one end, watching as a ball of fire races down the rod to his hand.
A ball of fire was seen some time ago in Lardal and it was speculated if it could have been a UFO.