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(football) the player who is carrying (and trying to advance) the ball on an offensive play

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They will also look our for whether a 'high, rigid arm or elbow' makes contact with the ball carrier's head in a swinging motion.
They will also look our for whether a 'high, rigid arm or elbow'makes contact with the ball carrier's head in a swinging motion.
If the tackle is higher to start with and the force goes up to the ball carrier's head, or indeed he dips his head just a couple of inches and contact is made that way, then you run the risk of a red or yellow card.
Few studies have specifically investigated tackle-related injuries, and discrepancies are found in the literature regarding the most frequent body part injured, type of injury, as well as the risk for the ball carrier or tackler to sustain an injury.
But to be elite you need to teach your ball carriers time management.
Regardless of whether they could see or not, the study participants seemed to aim ahead of the ball carrier's trajectory and then run to the spot where they expected him or her to be in the near future.
"Rugged in attack and defence, Tala is a strong ball carrier and a big worker.
Howley said: "Olly is a strong ball carrier and dominant at the set-piece, so it will be good to see him in the international environment." Howley will name his team on Thursday.
"If the ball carrier just accepts the tackle and goes to ground straight away then obviously the defender has got an advantage.
In hot and humid conditions the format of the event was also tough as the best two-stableford scores per hole counted with one of them being the yellow ball carrier that rotated every hole.
Kia 'Official Match Ball Carrier' On Thursday (5 June) the 31 winners of Kia's exclusive 'Official Match Ball Carrier' competition were announced at a special event in Vienna.
We tell our players to hold the ball carrier up for just a second, and the ball should be free on the way to the ground.
The Saints forwards have struggled against hard-hitting opponents, and desperately need a high-impact ball carrier to take them forward.
These days, the lone ball carrier for the 650,000-SF project is Little Rock's Clary Development Corp.
Only the ball carrier may have his/her flag belt pulled.