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Synonyms for balky

given to acting in opposition to others

Synonyms for balky

stopping short and refusing to go on


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"The health law's nagging problems center on lower-than-hoped-for enrollment, sicker-than-expected customers, and a balky internal stabilization system that didn't deliver as advertised and was already scheduled to be pared back next year," an Associated Press report concluded in April. 
Sandberg manipulates every kind of balky light you can imagine - flickering lamps, weak flashlights, a dusty black light from someone's hippie past, flashing neon signs, candles in the wind, remote-activated headlights, even the glowing screen of a smartphone - to achieve his end.
Plus we were doing some cutting-edge work for which there were no tech tools, so we had to make up production processes as we went along, just as we had to figure out for ourselves workarounds for our balky computers and software (though mostly we worked on dumb terminals connected to an IBM System 38, as I recall).
our ailing parents, Balky children, and friends we can see now Only by
Today, however, the genetic testing is greatly underutilized and the insurance industry remains balky about providing coverage.
The Balky Farm in Northfield raises sheep and goats with the lambs and kids providing a great photo-op.
In place of using the balky asset-recovery approach, a state could replace the current balky post-death Medicaid asset recovery system with a mandatory reverse mortgage requirement, Villarreal says.
Exchange managers will get into brutal court fights with the vendors that designed, built and integrated balky exchange enrollment systems.
There's not much beauty being a young mother, near her time, riding a balky donkey, then delivering in a smelly cave because nobody had room for a pregnant girl whose first-born had a cattle feeding trough for his first cradle.
Administration officials say nearly half of the money would be used to improve care for the children as they move through a too-often balky deportation process.
Some complain about their ThinkPads failing prematurely, the company's balky warranty procedure, or overall poor customer service.
Remixing ideas from "The Hangover" and "Knocked Up." but retooled for China's distaff demographic, this date movie is at once sweetly whimsical and full of balky sexual wisecracks.
But all of those fancy features on your smartphone are meaningless if they are on a balky network.
After so many years crater-hopping, Opportunity is showing its age: It has an arthritic joint in its robotic arm and it drives mostly backward due to a balky front wheel — more annoyances than show-stoppers.
* If the ramp is slow or balky, it could be a sign of hydraulic problems.